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About Us

Welcome to Kate Bowsher Dog Training. I am very proud to offer, fun friendly training for dog owners from a purpose-built facility in beautiful Beenham countryside. Established in 2019 the schoool has naturally grown through client recmmendations and collaborations with other local professionals to now provide a huge range of activities, and expertise.

As a training school we aim to offer a family friendly, real-life environment for owners to learn how to get the best from their dogs. All of the courses and workshops are tailored to your dog, with a very high instructor-student ratio we ensure you get the most out of each session. 

Our team have worked with a huge variety of breeds and types of dogs, in both pet and working roles. As a result we are able to tailor our methods, courses and exercises to complement your dog's instinctive needs and use them to your advantage. Gundog, protection, herding and inuit breeds all have tendancies which unless nurtured can cause major problems. We teach you how to use appropriate instinctive behaviours as reward for your dog, which builds incredibly strong relationships between the owner and the dog and gets amazing results. Whatever you want to achieve with your dog, one of our team can help. 

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Our Facilities

All of our classes take place at our own venue in Beenham which is part of a working farm, with retail and industrial units. Our secure indoor training centre is a purpose built area, with rubber flooring, toilet and sink facilities. It is located on the first floor, so please let us know if you have any accessibility issues. Although indoors, it can be chilly in the winter so please wrap up warm! 
Our outdoor training areas are almost unlimited in variety, and superb for socialisation, confidence building and training against real-life distractions.

A semi-secure, floodlit carpark area is our go-to area for outdoor area on dark nights, for easy distractions.

Our secure paddock is used predominantly for agility, but is also great for recall training, and livestock manners, with cows next door. 

The Parkland is our most popular training area. 100acres of private farmland with a variety of tracks, waterways, open grassland and unlimited natural distractions. The landscape is scattered with deer, ducks, pheasants, partridge, kites and lots and lots of smells! We use this area for all of our gundog courses, and as much as possible for general training, scentwork and outdoor workshops. 

The farmyard is a maze of interesting areas for practical scentwork and confidence building. 

Our Team

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